Mural in Bakery

Artist Kirsten Walstead's Tile Art Featured at Minneapolis Sun Street Bakery

(Minneapolis, MN) – Artist Kirsten Walstead of SoMi Tileworks installed a fabulous new mural at new Minneapolis restaurant Sun Street Bakery.

When Walstead was approached by her long-time friends Martin Ouimet and Solveig Tofte to create a unique tile installation for their new café and bakery, she was ecstatic.

“I’ve been experimenting with capturing logos and text in my tile, so it was a perfect experiment,” Walstead says.

The popular Sun Street Bakery, located at 46th and Nicollet, became Walstead’s canvas. Using handcrafted tiles, Walstead recreated the Sun Street Bakery logo and filled the wall with hand glazed and fired color. Walstead and her mother, Norma, are the artists behind their handmade tile company, SoMi Tileworks. Named for their home and the location of their studio, south Minneapolis, the company creates unique and custom tile designs.

In addition to the roughly 36 square feet of tile placed in the entrance of the store, Walstead created and placed custom and border tiles behind the counter and in the bathroom. These custom tiles include names of Minnesota grown grains used in Solveig’s spectacular breads.

Walstead and SoMi Tileworks have been named April’s Handmade Tile Association’s Artist of the Month. The Handmade Tile Association is a union of independent artisans who design and create tile and mosaic artwork. It’s headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information:
Somi Tileworks:

Handmade Tile Association:, or call 612-781-6409.

Sun Street Bakery:

Handmade Tile Association
34 Thirteenth Avenue NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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