Reduce Shipping Costs

Fay Day Jones also responded to our request for advice with some experience shipping tiles that she would like to share.

Fay says "I have greatly reduced my shipping costs by shipping only with flat rate USPS boxes.  Flat rate boxes are free. You can order them online and the mailman will bring them. This method gets a box there in 1-3 days, which makes my customers very happy. Also, they pick up at my house.

"I invested in a jumbo mailbox which can hold as many as 3 boxes at a time. I always print my labels out online as this is also cheaper. I have shipped to Europe with this method; it was surprisingly easy.
"I used to buy boxes, tape and bubble wrap. A few months ago I started to construct little cardboard boxes around the tile, instead of bubble wrap. Since then I have been using recycled newspaper or shredded junk mail to pad the box with. Now I only have to buy packing tape."

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