HTA Board Retirements

Long time HTA Board members Norma Hanlon and Roger Mayland told the rest of the Board that they would not be returning for the coming year at the last Board meeting in November. 

Norma traveling the worldNorma has been a Board member since the inception of the HTA, back in 1999. Norma is a life-long artist who started creating tiles back in the late 1990s. She and her daughter, Kirsten, formed Fresh Fish Tiles, later changing the name to SoMi Tileworks. Norma recently retired from SoMi but still makes art and travels the world. Norma had been the coordinator of the MN Tile Festival for the first few years of the event and helped out through almost the entire run of the MN Tile Festival. She came back to be the coordinator during the later years, as well. Norma's knowledge, energy and dedication to the organization has been amazing. We could not have done all of our work without her. If you have a moment, please drop her a note to thank her for everything she has done to promote and strengthen the Handmade Tile Association.



Roger Mayland

Roger Mayland has been a Board member since 2005. He owns and runs North Prairie Tileworks. Roger's marketing knowledge and dedication to the group has been invaluable. He has opened up his studio for meetings many times, donated displays for trade shows and has been on the Tile Festival Committee. 

Thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication!
We have had some great HTA Board members over the years and we will be recruiting new Board members for next year's Board. If you have interest, please contact us for more info.


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